How to spend Christmas in Marbella

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There is plenty to indulge yourself in by celebrating Christmas in the Costa del Sol.

December is swiftly upon us, which means all our thoughts are turning to celebrating Christmas. The lively city of Marbella has lots to offer for anyone spending their Christmas here. If you are spending your holiday in the town of Marbella, you may want to continue reading, as we have decided to share some of the best ways you can spend the perfect Christmas in Marbella. 

Christmas Lights

At the end of November, Marbella is lit up with beautiful Christmas lights. Previous years have included over five hundred illuminated lights spread across arches, Christmas trees, and the nativity scene, which can be visited in the Parque de la Alameda.
If you prefer to take a stroll through Marbella Old Town, more beautiful lights can be seen here and are sure to add a bit of magic to your Christmas. 

Christmas Shopping 

As we have mentioned in *previous blogs*, Marbella is the perfect shopping destination and it certainly doesn’t disappoint during the Christmas season. As well as through the streets of Marbella, the mall is full of decorative lights and trees. La Canada shopping centre has plenty of high street and designer shops to indulge in when it comes to Christmas shopping. There are also over 20 restaurants for you to help you relax, unwind and recharge after a full day of shopping. 

Día de los santos inocentes (Holy Innocents Day)

On December 28th it is a Spanish tradition to celebrate ‘Day of the innocent Saints,’ familiar to April Fools Day in British culture, people will trick or prank each other and often make jokes and stories. After you joke with someone it is tradition to say ‘inocente’ which translates to innocent. 


It is customary in Spain to eat the traditional cake of Roscón de Reyes at Christmas time. The cake is round in shape and is sprinkled with sugar and covered with fruit, such as candied oranges. You can find a small trinket inside the cake, this is usually a small figure of the baby Jesus or a Euro coin, and whoever receives the piece with the trinket is said to have a lucky year. 

There is plenty to indulge yourself in by celebrating Christmas in the Costa del Sol. Marbella isn’t just a fantastic holiday destination but has lots to offer all year round, including the Christmas season. Our local agents can offer the best advice on the luxury properties in Marbella and on the Costa Del Sol. We have spectacular properties with amenities to keep you entertained during the Christmas season. Why not browse our Marbella homes, or you can contact our team to find out more.