Living In Estepona

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The town has lots of beautiful sights and attractions to keep you entertained.

In previous blogs, we have spoken about What it’s like to live in Mijas and 10 reasons to live in Marbella; so, we thought we would share another perfect place in the Costa Del Sol, Estepona. This beautiful town is situated in the southern part of Spain. Estepona has plenty of restaurants, a fishing port, and the cove of Playa del Cristo. Continue reading to find out what Estepona has to offer. 

The New Golden Mile 

The New Golden Mile is a stretch of highly desirable real estate in the heart of Estepona. The private housing estate holds many amenities for its residents, including supermarkets, luxury fashion boutiques, and a number of golf resorts. One of the best parts of the New Golden Mile is the attention to detail; the local government decided to avoid high builds and apartment blocks that would distract from the beautiful beaches and scenery of Estepona. King Estates has some amazing properties in Estepona and the New Golden Mile, take a look here.

Beautiful Beaches

Estepona is known for its beautiful sandy beaches, with the Playa La Rada, well know for its white sand and beautiful clear sea. You are able to hire deck chairs with large umbrellas, however, if you prefer a more active day at the beach, many watersports such as jet skis and catamarans are also on offer. There are also plenty of cafes and restaurants for a bite to eat where you can taste amazingly fresh ‘catch of the day’ fish.

Estepona Old Town

The old town in Estepona is one of the only old towns left, along with Marbella and Malaga, which are also in the Costa Del Sol. At the heart of the old town sits Plaza de las Flores. The Plaza is full of restaurants and bars for all of the family to enjoy and in the summer is decorated with beautiful flowers and orange trees. The square is known to be peaceful, especially with the fountain in the centre. Much like the plaza, the streets are scattered with bright flowers that invite you to explore the old town and to relax in its tranquil surroundings. 

Estepona Mountains

The Sierra Bermeja mountain is one that dominates the landscape in Estepona, reaching a height of 908ft it is located only 10km from the sea, which is rare, as not many mountains come so close to the coast. You can drive around the mountain and get to the top in just under an hour. This is the perfect adventure to immerse yourself in when moving to Estepona. 

As you can see, Estepona is a town with plenty of personality. The town has lots of beautiful sights and attractions to keep you entertained. Estepona is another warm and welcoming place. It is the perfect location all year round and not just during the summer months. Our local agents have extensive knowledge of the Costa Del Sol offering the best advice on luxury properties. King Estates has spectacular properties with amenities to keep you entertained. Browse our Estepona homes or you can contact our team for further advice.